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Dreams&Coffee pop-up christmas cafe and dreaming space

Yey, we're opening a pop-up christmas cafe and dreaming space to the center of Helsinki.

Now at the end of the year it is a good time to reflect what has happened so far. It's also a perfect time to start dreaming about all the cool stuff you're gonna do next year.

Dreaming is everything. Someone great once said "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough". It sums it up nicely how important dreaming is. To achieve something great in the future, you need to start dreaming about it today.

That is why our christmas gift to all of you is free dreaming and coffee space right at the center of Helsinki. Coffee goes so well with dreaming because most of the time that 10minute coffee break is the moment we calm down to dream. So, take some time off from your busy schedule, reward your self and come have a cup of coffee with us :)

We also offer free wellbeing events at the cafe ranging from 15min (free) guided dreaming sessions with our coach Renja to tarot card reading. You always can find one of our coaches from the christmas cafe, so come say hi!


Chairs and tables by the amazing Nikari.

Coffee by the delicious Crema.

Contact //

Rugs by Foreign Objects

WILD THINGS - wild flower bouquets

You can buy the most beautiful xmas bouquets from our coffee. Bouquets made by Wild Things.

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