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We focus on you.

We create Ahaa-moments in the form of life coaching. We offer private coaching, group programs and self study exercises.

Ahaa moments are amazing. You know they are! These are the moments when some things that have not been connected, suddenly click together in your head and you feel enlightened and free. These Ahaa moments are one of the things we are after here at Ahaa. Finding an ahaa moment is the start of a beautiful, challenging and rewarding process called Change. You may very well be here reading this, because you have been inspired to seek something that is not currently present in your life. We are the professional companions to help you get that.

Our coaching techniques and methods aim at refining these revelations to make life better every day.


In all simplicity I am a mother, A COACH, a sister, a friend, a wife, a daughter, the CEO & founder of Ahaa, an entrepreneur and the queen of my life (and my husbands').


I am a  Mentor Masterclass certified life coach with MSc in economics who is ready and ridiculously excited to be your coach, your guide and your support. See more in what we do and how we do it.

The most important thing in change is action. Motivation follows action. I want to see you, my love, on the driver's seat of your life! 


     Working with Renja was an amazing experience. As a coach she is a powerful listener and not only heard my words, but heard the meaning behind them. Renja was able to get right to the heart of the matter and help me see situations in a different way, which allowed for more possibilities and solutions to present themselves.

- Angelle, Michigan

        Renja's positive attitude that concentrates on this moment and the possibilities that lie in the future charged up my life. She made me feel I can achieve and do so much more than I have ever imagined being capable of. Renja is an extremely motivated and inspiring coach.

- Krista, Helsinki

    In the beginning of the coaching we dealt with my approaches and behavioral models. Quickly I noticed that these patterns were actually blocking my happiness. The coaching sessions were challenging, but now I have the tools to go after my dreams.

- Eeva, Helsinki.

       The most amazing thing is that you were able to understand me and relate to my story even though you and I come from different countries and cultures. Straight from the beginning you were able to reach into my mind and soul. By helping me to understand my strengths and weaknesses along and based on my core values you lead me to the priorities in my life and career goals. The path that you personally were going through made me realize that that we can't escape from our inner self.

- Tal, Tel Aviv

        The coaching was so, so much more that I expected. I was scared at first, that this would be some kind of nonsense but it turned out to be amazing. Session after session. I experienced true ahaa's on the things that truly matter in my life.

- Sanna, Helsinki


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Hello! We are your coaches and we would like to start by introducing ourselves to you.




Do you want to talk to me before booking your first coaching session? You can have a free 30min consultation (via Skype) with me before making up your mind.

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Check out all of our amazing programs. Our coaching techniques and methods aim to refine those Ahaa-moments to be part of your everyday life.



We focus on you. If you feel that booking a coaching session right now is not on your agenda, you can do some (or all) of our free self-study exercises. Have fun!

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We would love to have you with us!

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