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What We Do

Here at Ahaa Helsinki, our mission is simple: to guide and inspire you to discover where you want to be and how you want to feel. We're all about finding the right strategies together and creating plans that work uniquely for you. Remember, you're not broken, you're just stuck, and we're here to help you get unstuck.

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Discover Your Way Of Living: A Personalized Adventure 

Let's figure out your way of living together. We'll brainstorm, troubleshoot, and dream big, crafting a personalized action plan that suits you perfectly. We'll identify and change those patterns that aren't serving you well, all with my unwavering support. By choosing this journey, you're choosing to put yourself first and how awesome is that?

Starting with a Discovery Session: Our journey kicks off with a discovery session to pinpoint where you are right now. This is the moment we start tackling your challenges and carve out the perfect route through them. We'll find your lighthouse and set your boat on course, with me fully committed and excited to be all-in on your journey. Plus, we'll take the time to celebrate your milestones together!

Requirements for the Adventure:  All you need for this adventure is 100% commitment and an open mind, dedicating a minimum of 2-3 focused hours each week. Before we dive in, you'll receive a questionnaire to ensure we're all set for this transformative experience.

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"You inspired me that everything is possible and if we decide to we could easily live our dreams. For doing so you taught me some useful techniques and tools for life and I've been constantly using them since then."
- Tal, Tel Aviv.

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Lifecoach in a nutshell: A partner who inspires and supports you to find, take action and reach your goals.

Our Holistic Approach

At Ahaa Helsinki, we walk our talk. Our methods, rooted in motivational tools, state-of-mind techniques, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), are the same ones we've experienced ourselves. With a truly holistic approach, we blend mental and physical exercises to guide you towards meaningful change.

Our Key Values



Feel at home reaching out to us because we're not above or below you. At Ahaa Helsinki, we're your supportive source, offering clear guidance whenever you need it.



When you become part of our community, your well-being becomes our passion. We're dedicated to providing you with access to our knowledge and skills, ensuring your journey is filled with genuine support.



Passion is the fuel for action and purpose. At Ahaa Helsinki, we believe in inspiring motivated action, leading to transformative results. Openness is the key to igniting this powerful cycle.


Making a Difference

Every day, we strive to create positive changes in your life, in society, and beyond. Ahaa Helsinki is committed to making a meaningful difference that resonates with your well-being, today and in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

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