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ALL ABOUT YOU  6 months focusing on you, your dreams and getting there (FIN/ENG)

ALL ABOUT YOU 6 months focusing on you, your dreams and getting there (FIN/ENG)

Half a year together. Focusing on you, your dreams and getting there. Superduper. We will create strategies together to get you on the road you are supposed to be. You can also make monthly payments of 210 EUR/month.

Puoli vuotta kestävä henkilökohtainen valmennus, jossa pureudumme sinuun, unelmiisi, arkeen ja siihen kuinka elät haluamaasi elämää. Rakennamme strategian jossa pääset polulle, joka johtaa pisteeseen B.


Ohjelma on mahdollista jakaa myös kuukausittaisiin maksuihin 210 EUR/kk.





  • Inside the wrapper you will find

    Your way of living. In half a year we will be able to dig deep into various areas of your life. We will find those patterns that are not serving you and change your life for good. You will have my full support. Choosing this program you are choosing to put yourself first. 


    "You inspired me that everything is possible and if we decide to we could easily live our dreams. For doing so you thought me some useful techniques and tools and for life and I'm constantly using them since then." Tal, Tel Aviv.


    This is a tailor made program to fit your needs. We will meet virtually or in person (location Helsinki). We will do a whopping 20 hours of private coaching. This is truly an investment in yourself. 


    Homework and email support at other times. This 6 months will include a welcome package with a superstarter session via skype or in person (location Helsinki).


    Requirements: 100% commitment with an open mind. Minimum of 2-3 hours a week of your focused time.    


    Here's what to do next:


    step 1: Make a life changing decision. 

    step 2: Take action and pay for your desired program.

    step 3: Book your first session online / by email: / by phone +358 44 335 3385

    step 4: Relax and trust this process.


    You are ready for this. Can not wait to get started! 


    Or do you have an unanswered question? Please let me help:

€ 1 242,00Price
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