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ALL ABOUT YOU  90 day program tailored to your specific needs (FIN/ENG).

ALL ABOUT YOU 90 day program tailored to your specific needs (FIN/ENG).

3 months together. Program tailored to your specific needs. Focusing on you, your dreams and getting there. Superduper. Includes weekly private coaching and homework.


We have a monthly payment option available for 235 EUR/month


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3 kuukautta kestävä räätälöity henkilökohtainen valmennus, jossa pureudumme sinuun, unelmiisi, arkeen ja siihen kuinka elät haluamaasi elämää heti, nyt ja tässä! Sisältää viikottaisen henkilökohtaisen valmennuksen ja tietenkin kotiläksyä vinon pinon.


Meillä on myös kuukausittainen maksuvaihtoehto tälle 235 EUR/kk.





  • An investment on yourself

    Do you feel stuck in some areas of your life?

    Are you tired and emotionally drained? 

    Are your fears taking over?

    Do you just feel like you have no idea where you are heading? 

    Are you looking to kick out a nasty habbit? 

    Is your career standing still?

    "Renja is a beautiful combination of feeling and thought, depth and practicality. If you are looking for a loving no-nonsense coach to help you move toward your goals in any area, investing in yourself through coaching with Renja is a decision you will not regret". Angelle, Michigan

    We will start with a discovery session to see where you are right now. Here we can start tackling your challenges and find the perfect route through them. This is a tailored program made to fit your needs. 

    We will find your light house and turn your boat towards it. I will be on your boat for this 3 months and keep you on the course. We will also take time to celebrate your milestones together!

    Here's what to do next:

    step 1: Make a life changing decision. 

    step 2: Take action and pay for your desired program.

    step 3: Book your first session online / by email: / by phone +358 44 335 3385

    step 4: Relax and trust this process.

    You are ready for this. Can not wait to get started! 

    Or do you have an unanswered question? Please let me help:

€ 840,00Price
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