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Ahaa Recommends Wellmeals -meal plans (check out for discount code)

Body. Mind. Soul. How to feed the holy threesome? With FOOD!

You hear a lot about feeding your soul with music and experiences. Your mind with information and activity and your body with exercise right kind of nutrients. Thats all fine and good of course, but first step is also to realize that we feed our soul and mind with the right kind of food too. Thats the food that feels good in us.

You know that winner feeling when you choose to eat that nutritious salad instead of a burger with fries? OMG! You feel so proud of yourself and good in your body, but at times that burger might be just thing you need. The secret is feeling good about what you eat and not only the actual food, but also listening to yourself and making conscious choices. We here at Ahaa put a great emphasis on how the food and fluids you choose to put in your mouth make you feel.

To make it easier for you to eat well there is this amazing solution, Wellmeals, that makes your life a little bit easier. As a precious Ahaa Community member you get now -25% on their meal plans with a code AHAAHELSINKI (valid 23.9. - 7.10.2016)

How cool is this!

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