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My biggest gift came from my lowest point

Years and years ago, I relied heavily on what others thought about me. Not just about me as in my outer appearance, but what I should do with my life.

"I relied on others to tell me if I was on the “right path”, if I was living my purpose, and if I was with “the one”. I looked for people in my outer world to have all the answers."

I’ve since learned that doing this worked some of the time, until you know the answers deep in your heart and someone tells you something opposing that truth.

This story begins with a man (go figure!). I had met the man that I knew deep down in my heart was “the one”. I felt it with every fiber of my being. I just knew that this was the man that I would walk down the aisle with. That was, until he broke up with me and shattered my heart into 1000 pieces. I was shocked, broken, get the picture. I could not believe it happened. Was I wrong? Did I misunderstand my inner guidance? Was she saying that I had taken the wrong road and I needed to make a legal U-turn when possible? This was not how it was suppose to happen. We were meant for each other. I was going to marry him. How could he break up with me?

So, I did what I had always done, I went looking for answers. I asked for advice from anybody that would listen. I cried and cried. “But you don’t understand!” “He was the one!” People stopped answering my calls and I’m pretty sure they rolled their eyes when I was telling them for the thousandth time that, “I just knew he was the one”. Since no one was giving me the answers I wanted, I went against all my better judgments and booked a session with a psychic. I went looking for reassurance. I went looking for her to tell me that he was indeed the one and that it would all work out. I wanted her to tell me, “Yes dear, you are right! He is just sewing his wild oats and will be back in a jiffy!”

Well, that is definitely NOT what she said! She sat in front of me telling me things about myself that were so accurate. Finally near the end of the session, we got to the question that I had came to get the answer for. “He is the one, right? Right?!” She looked directly in my eyes and said NO! She then proceeded to tell me all the reasons why he was not the one, who I would eventually end up meeting, and blah blah blah. I did not hear anything else after that. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. The blood drained out of my face and I felt like I was going to pass out.

"In a flash my world changed. I had taken in what this woman said as “truth”. Above my own knowing, I took what she said as the word, the gospel, the highest truth. In that moment I believed Jesus himself must have whispered it into her ear."

The week that followed that reading was really rough. I was physically ill, I could not think straight, and I had a hard time working. I was a mess. Now looking back on it, I know why. Everything in me was rebelling against that belief. The larger part of myself was screaming NO this is not true. My body was rebelling that this was not truth, by getting sick. My mind was rebelling by keeping me in turmoil. Everything in me was saying this is not the truth.

Actually this woman gave me the most beautiful gift. She taught me what it meant to know myself and trust myself. To thy own self be true. This statement would take me over 10 years to fully learn and embrace. Over that ten-year period, I learned what would ultimately serve as a lesson for how to help others overcome beliefs that are limiting them and how to claim back their power.

How did I learn this? Well, it turns out that I was RIGHT. That man, “the one”, came back to me. I knew in the deepest parts of myself that I loved this man and that he and I were meant to be. But the problem lied in what I took from that reading. I took her words in as truth. I was stuck in an inner battle; my heart saying one thing and my head or “the psychic’s voice” saying another. This battle led me on a journey of understanding of our inner world and how we form beliefs.

"I learned how beliefs are created and what actually keeps them stuck in our mind. I learned how these beliefs that are limiting us, keep us small and keep us from growing to our full potential. I learned how fear uses these beliefs against us to remain stuck where we are."

From this learning I started my own business to help men and women uncover and detangle these old “voices” or beliefs. These are the beliefs of your mom, dad, grandparents, stepparents, teachers, preachers, friends, siblings or random people that have given you advice.

If you're holding beliefs that are creating a tug of war within you, they are keeping you from the most amazing experiences in this lifetime. These limiting beliefs are keeping you from everything you want create.

I want to say this as a side note; I am not putting down psychics. The point of this post is about claiming your power back. You already have the answers and knowing within you. You came to the world with an inner compass, guiding you towards what you desire in this life. You know what is right for you and what is not. Within you are all the inner resources that provide what you need.

The feedback you are looking for from others is not to give you the answers. They don’t have them! The feedback you're looking for is for you to confirm what you already know to be true. Trust yourself.

Oh, and I’m sure you want to know how the story ends...That man and I did, in fact, get married. Everything aligned in the most magical way. I overcame the fear within to be led on an incredible journey. One that I could never have foreseen, but a journey that my heart knew all along.

Follow your heart, my friend.


Stacey Dykes is a leader in the personal development field. Stacey spent over eight years studying the law of attraction and applying it to her life. She learned how to easily bridge the gap between the limiting beliefs you hold and what you are manifesting in your life. She is a master at teaching her clients how to harness their power to use the law of attraction and

manifest the things they desire in their lives. Stacey’s gift lies in creating a comfortable and trusting environment for her clients to really face what is no longer serving them.

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