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Let it go...

What does this actually mean? We hear this phrase quite a lot... I’ve been a yoga student for decades and a yoga teacher for almost a decade (where does the time go??), and I have heard the phrase ‘let go of what does not serve you’ probably a thousand times, if not more!

This is truly a beautiful and even poetic statement but when you’re looking for some practical tools, it’s not always so helpful. If I could let go of my anger or resentment about something that easily, I would have done it already!

This is when it’s important to take our practices to a deeper level. Really inquire within yourself, what is keeping me frustrated, stuck, or out of alignment? What am I holding onto so tightly? Do I feel a stronger sense of control when I hold on? What would happen if I really did let go of an emotion that feels like it’s keeping me isolated and feeling very alone?

Releasing emotions is not easy… luckily, we are in a season that supports this release. The change of season, as we move toward winter, is the perfect time to shed the things, people, experiences, and situations in your life that are not supporting you, that drain your energy, that no matter how much you try or give, do not seem to be ‘working.’

In order to let something go, your body needs to feel grounded and safe. Understanding this from only a mental perspective usually is not enough no matter how much sense it makes or how much you want it. And there may be layers to it so it’s helpful to be patient as well as to seek out support as needed. I have witnessed the body’s ability to let go in this way through witnessing hundreds of people, whether in a yoga class or in a private session, finally breathe a sigh of relief when their deep emotional state could be witnessed in a safe space so they could acknowledge and release it.

If you notice that you are wound up and feeling tight or contracted in your body it may be that this feeling is trying to teach you something. And in my experience, it does not go away until we have learned the lesson.

If you are in need of support to move through some stuck emotions, I would love to offer you some practical tools to bring ease to your healing journey. If you notice a little resistance, it’s completely normal! Click here to access my gift to you. Use the password ‘mindbody’ to access the content. I encourage you to make sure you have someone you can connect with during or after this process for some comfort and moral support. Wishing you ease as you use the energy of this season to let go what no longer serves you.

And I would love to hear how it goes for you, so please be in touch to share your experience. If you would like additional teachings and tips to support your emotional wellness, sign up for my newsletter and receive weekly support in your inbox!

Manisha Tare guides her clients into a deeper exploration of their relationship to their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Through intuitive coaching, yoga practices, guided meditations and healing work, her clients release anxiety, find relief from pain, and feel energetically lighter and more empowered in their lives. She is available for sessions in person and via skype.

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