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CELEBRATE for big happiness.

People talk a lot with cliches: stop and smell the roses or learn how to enjoy the the getting there part. I used to think that these are complete bull…and I was too lazy to even try any other way of thinking. But now that I’ve grown older AND wiser I think they have some truth to them.

We can actually teach our beautiful brain and genious subconscious to go after our goals by rewarding them along the way. I always talk about getting the ”whole brain” behind us. It isn’t enough for us to use our logical mind only. If we get the older and more powerful parts of our brain in to our corner, it’s almost a sure win for us. Celebrating small wins can get us addicted or motivated to continue progressing towards our larger goals. How cool is that?

Most of our celebrations tend to concentrate on birthdays and public holidays. We mark a date into our calendar and do somekind of ritual of celebration. Drink champagne or eat cake. And while these are really important and fun, now it’s time to learn how to celebrate personal success and the growth we experience along the way. Because this is something that aims for real growth and preceeds success. And to do that with intention behind! We need to find ways to celebrate that are meaningful. This means we need to bring our thoughts into the game.

Now that we are closing in on the year, it’s time to pause. Regardless of whether you have achieved something concrete or not, or even if you think you have failed, get what you can out of every experience and celebrate your progress along your own path. And here is a really simple but powerful how: Start with naming three things during the past year that you have succeeded in OR that you have learnt. Name a prize that energetically matches you win (more on creating you prizes aka blisslist here).

When you are enjoying you prize, make it really sink in by answering these questions:

  1. Why is this worth celebrating?

  2. Why was this important for me?

  3. How does it fit into who I want to become?

  4. How does this make me feel?

  5. Because of this, I have become a woman/man who…..

Aim to create a ritual out of this for the coming year 2024. I promise that you will not regret it.


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