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For your new year - Downloadable intention cards

Intention: a determination to act in a certain way.

It's like putting money in the bank when you decide to take a moment for just yourself and your desires. What if, just what if all of these delicious desires come true? How awesome will that be? Why would you keep hiding these in the furthest corner of your mind? I say Bring ’em out!

So, we wanted to make your intention setting smooth and clear. Prepare with your favorite music and have a cup of warm beverage. Then just start writing down things you want to see happen and how you want to feel.

Please take out your calendar and block a good hour and a half to sit down by yourself in a place where you feel very comfortable.

The easiest way for you is to print out these babies and use a real pen to give a voice to your intentions for 2023

There is only 2 rules here:

Below you can find some extra questions for you to get those juices flowing into the paper.

1. Please do not worry about ”the how this will happen” -part. Just concentrate on your gut feeling. If you get stuck, just write down words that inspire you and breathe. Take a 2 minute break and come back. You can do this!

2. The most important thing here is that once you have it on paper, just let it be. Put the paper in the drawer/between your calendar/burn it ceremonially…let it go. You got it at that point.


Goals: 2023 what is it that you'd like to accomplish? What do you want to do? Who you want to be?


Be honest here, as said, you can burn the paper afterword if you want to, nobody needs to see it! Go big here. If you could do, have, be anything, what would it look like? Why do you want this? What is the feeling behind that you are after? Use lots of descriptive, feeling words.



What can you do that makes your heart beat faster? What is adventure to you really? Who do you want to do this with?



This is your professional life. Where you put in many many hours and expect a living out of it! What do you need out of this area? Is the creative ways to make more money? Is it less work you are after? Why? Where do you see yourself in this next year?



Really figure out what you want and need from relationships but then think about what you can GIVE in those relationships. How do you want to feel in your relationships. Do you want a partner. A mentor. A friend to rock climb with?

Set your intentions and you'll be surprised who shows up for you.



What makes you feel alive? Grow? What do you want to learn? Read? Explore?



What does your soul crave? More beauty? God? Nature? The Universe? Maybe your spirit needs to give more love? More volunteering? More meaningful moments with yourself? What do you need in this area? Maybe a personal ritual? Meditation?



How do you want to feel? If you have a certain way you want to look like, turn that into how you want to feel! Relaxed? Strong? Flexible? Pain free? Less stressed?

(We would love to get feedback. Email, FB, Instagram. We ae here for you!)

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