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What we do


We will help and inspire you to get clarity on where you want to be and how you want to FEEL. We will create strategies together to get you on the road you are supposed to be. You are not broken, you are just stuck.


"You inspired me that everything is possible and if we decide to we could easily live our dreams. For doing so you taught me some useful techniques and tools and for life and I'm constantly using them since then."

- Tal, Tel Aviv.


We will figure out your way of living. We will brainstorm, troubleshoot, strategize, dream and create a plan of action with you that works for you. We will find those patterns that are not serving you and change your life for good. You will have my full support. Choosing this you are choosing to put yourself first. How awesome is that?! 

We will start with a discovery session to see where you are right now. Here we can start tackling your challenges and find the perfect route through them.


We will find your light house and turn your boat towards it. I will be ALL-IN on your boat and keep you on the course. We will also take time to celebrate your milestones together! I can not wait.

Requirements: 100% commitment with an open mind. Minimum of 2-3 hours a week of your focused time. You will receive a questionnaire before engagement.    


The backbone of our business is ”walking our talk”. So you will not experience any methods that your coach has not experienced herself. Our methods consist of using motivational and state of mind tools together with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming is used here as a methodological idea that thinking has patterns that can be changed in order to get better and faster results). We have truly a holistic approach. So we do not limit our range of methods only to those of the mind, we also use physical body exercises and movement. 



You should always feel at ease in contacting us. We do not want to place our selves above or below you. We act as support, source of information and clear quidance.


Once you step into our loving community, your best interest becomes our passion.We are committed in giving you access to all our knowledge and skills.


Passion follows action and purpose.

Action follows motivated inspiration.


Inspiration follows openness.


Everyday we strive to make a difference in your life, in todays society and in the world. We aim to make good changes.


When can we be of assistance to you?

In situations where you want more clarity, focus or need support navigating a tough transition. These can be related to work, love, life goals and much more! Here are some examples of a situation where a coach can help you. *Your confidence is not where you want it to be *You lack a clear vision *Your vision feels overwhelming *You are irritable and live life by reacting *You seem to always end up with the short end of the stick *You feel like there is more to life than what you experience currently

How we approach life coaching?

There is always a point A and point B. Point A is where you are standing right now. A consists of your physical wellbeing, mental state of mind, physical surroundings and the way you are feeling right now. Point B is the place you desire to get to. This may be a feeling, a certain job, it may be raising a family, personal development goal or many other things. What you have between point A and point B is called your life. Thats what we really want to get to. We use different motivational tools, NLP and true loving accountability for your success in creating the life you want. 

How does the actual coaching process work?

So, you have realized that you want some assistance, support and guidance towards your desired life. Then you need to take the first brave step and decide to contact your desired coach. You can email, whatsap, text or call her and she will talk to you and schedule an introductory call. Or you can use the book now link here. This is where you will see if you like to work with your coach. You need to trust your coach and feel comfortable with her guidance. Then you move on to selecting your program, in essence this means the length of the initial coaching agreement. Minimum contract length we offer is 3 months, other dimensions are tailorable e.g. the schedule and sequence of the sessions.  

What is virtual coaching?

Virtual coaching allows you to be in the comfort of your own home, office or other place where you feel relaxed. It will also give more flexibility with the coaching hours. We connect via skype/google hangouts/ Personal meeting options can be available too, check with your coach.

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We would love to have you with us!


PHONE         +358 44 335 3385

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