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We offer you  Ahaa-moments in the form of life coaching. We are specialized in virtual private coaching & group coaching.


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"The most important thing in change is action."

In all simplicity I am a mother, a coach, a sister, a friend, a wife, and a daughter. I am also the CEO & founder of Ahaa Helsinki Coaching. I am a  Mentor Masterclass certified life coach who is ready and ridiculously excited to be your coach, your guide and your support. Learn more about Ahaa Helsinki in what we do.

The most important thing in change is action. Motivation follows action. I want to see you, my love, on the driver's seat of your life!

Working with Renja was an amazing experience. As a coach she is a powerful listener and not only heard my words, but heard the meaning behind them. Renja was able to get right to the heart of the matter and help me see situations in a different way, which allowed for more possibilities and solutions to present themselves.

- Angelle, Michigan

Did you know that you can book a Skype meeting with Renja, if you have any questions about life coaching?


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Tel.        +358 44 335 3385

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